Marshall Community Foundation Supports Multiple Community Projects

The Marshall Community Foundation’s Board of Trustees and Youth Advisory Council are pleased to announce the awarding of six grants totaling $40,500 from the Fund for Marshall and the Marshall Youth Fund. 

Charitable Union – Back to School Clothing Distribution

  • Amount Awarded: $5000
  • Purpose:  To provide children from low-to-moderate income families with a free Back to School outfit.
  • Community Impact:  Charitable Union aims to reduce family budgetary and emotional stress that is often associated with funding Back to School supplies, such as clothing.  This program will help children feel more confident as they begin a new school year.

Franke Center for the Arts – Art Education Expansion and Program Support

  • Amount Awarded: $10,000
  • Purpose:  To expand the range of art education programs that are offered through the Franke Center, and assist in relaunching the Youth Theater Program.
  • Community Impact:  Arts education programs will now be offered not only to youth, but also to adults.  The Franke Center will now have the capability to offer these virtually as well as in person.  Being able to relaunch the Youth Theater Program will allow area students to participate in theater productions regardless of the pandemic restrictions.

 Hughes Elementary School PCO – Wheelchair Accessible Playground Equipment

  • Amount Awarded: $15,000
  • Purpose:  The 3rd-5th grade playground currently houses a set of swings, a climbing structure, and a paved area, and an open field.  Furthermore, the current playground equipment is not wheelchair accessible.
  • Community Impact:  The new play structure will not only be wheelchair accessible, but it will also offer cognitive, social, emotional, and physical benefits for children.  Research has proven that recess and unstructured play is essential for elementary-age students.  The new equipment will provide opportunities for students to have a break from the rigors of concentrated, academic challenges in the classroom.

Kids ‘N’ Stuff Children’s Museum – Water Table Exhibit Upgrade

  • Amount Awarded: $5,000
  • Purpose:  To replace the current water table exhibit so that it remains a favorite and high-quality experience for all museum visitors.
  • Community Impact:  The existing water table at the museum has served visitors for nearly 20 years.  The new exhibit will ensure that it is as accessible, interactive, and efficient as possible.  Improved accessibility for seniors, toddlers, and individuals who require the use of a wheelchair will make this water table more inclusive and engaging. 

Marshall Historical Society – Updated Website

  • Amount Awarded: $3,000
  • Purpose:  To update the Marshall Historical Society’s current website.  The current website uses old technology and is difficult to update.  The new website is being developed by a Michigan-based firm that has experience in developing websites for museums.
  • Community Impact:  The new website will significantly increase the Historical Society’s ability to tell Marshall’s story and promote its historic heritage.  The website will allow visitors to take virtual tours, view videos of events, and hear presentations from local historians.  The Historical Society believes this website will promote tourism in and around our community.

Marshall’s Youngish Professionals – Fridays at the Fountain

  • Amount Awarded: $2,200
  • Purpose:  To continue providing Fridays at the Fountain for Marshall and surrounding areas.
  • Community Impact:  The Youngish Professionals are planning up to six concerts at the fountain for the summer of 2021.  Fridays at the Fountain offer an opportunity for children to play, friends to connect, and new acquaintances to form, all while enjoying the sights and sounds of Marshall. 

The next deadline for submitting grant requests is July 1, 2021.  If you have questions regarding the grant application process, please call 269-781-2273 or email [email protected]

The Marshall Community Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving quality of life in Marshall, and throughout Calhoun County. The Foundation holds permanently endowed funds from a range of donors, and serves as a conduit for special projects and the distribution of grants in support of innovative programs. For more information about the Foundation, visit