Our entire business is philanthropy.

Why partner with the Marshall Community Foundation?

Our entire business is philanthropy. Local organizations and advisors partner with the Community Foundation, making us an excellent source for local giving.

How might we support you:
  • Personalized service
  • Professional, local expertise
  • Strong investment stewardship
  • Recognition of your generosity – or not, whichever you prefer

You can make a gift today, or designate the Community Foundation in your will or estate plan. Feel free to take a look at our many giving options.

Reasons To Give

Give Where You Live

You love Marshall, and you have an idea that you believe will make this great community even better. We can help you with that.

Through the Marshall Community Foundation, you can establish a fund, or pool your donation with a previously established fund, to support local nonprofits and charities and the countless people who benefit from their great work. No gift is too small.

Are you ready to start a fund?

You have a number of options:
  • Agency Funds are established by agencies.
  • Donor Designated Agency Funds allow you to name a specific charitable organization or organizations to be assisted by your fund, much like an Agency Fund. The difference? As the donor, you can advise the Foundation as to when and how the fund’s income is distributed to the designated agencies.
  • Field of Interest Funds are established by individuals in support of a broad range of initiatives such as arts and culture, community and economic development, health and human services, education, youth and seniors, etc. Income from these funds can be distributed through the Foundation’s established grant-making process.
  • Donor Advised Funds function much like a private foundation. Through your fund’s income, you can give to the nonprofits of your choosing. We take care of the paperwork.
  • Scholarship Funds benefit individuals attending specific institutions or those with particular backgrounds or interests. You may also set guidelines for candidate selection and scholarship parameters.
  • You can also contribute to an existing fund.

As you can see, you have a number of options. The Marshall Community Foundation is a trusted vehicle you can use to address those areas of the community that matter to you, while gaining the maximum tax benefit under state and federal law. We augment your professional advisor’s services, offering personalized attention, local expertise and community-wide reach.

For more information on initiating your own fund, please contact the Foundation today!