Helping People Identify Their Highest Aspirations

The Foundation is aware of issues regarding FAFSA submissions. If you are applying for a scholarship requesting financial information and have not received your SAI or estimated SAI, please complete the Federal Student Aid Estimator ( and submit that number when asked for your 2024-25 FAFSA information. Please save the Federal Student Aid Estimator determination, or a screenshot of the page, to upload to your application in place of the SAI page from the FAFSA. There are no adjustments to the scholarship application deadlines.

*Please Note: Students will still need to complete FAFSA and submit at a later date to verify eligibility for need-based scholarships. Students who do not submit their official FAFSA Student Aid Index will be disqualified from receiving a Marshall Community Foundation need-based scholarship. 

The Marshall Community Foundation is continually working to improve our Scholarship Application Process. Applicants are required to create a profile/account, which can be used to apply for one or more scholarships. Please note, the profile is not the application. If you created a profile in the past, you can use the same profile in subsequent years. Simply update any information that has changed. Please contact the Foundation office with any questions.

As part of the Marshall Community Foundation’s focus on education, a dynamic and growing scholarship program is offered and maintained. Helping people identify their highest aspirations for the future and enhancing their quality of life is our goal.

This is accomplished by attracting and holding permanently endowed funds from a variety of contributors. Through their caring and commitment, scholarship funds have been established providing a variety of opportunities for the students.

It is our intent that the following scholarship lists serve as valuable tools for students seeking higher educational opportunities. As always, if you have any questions, we are here to assist. If you need additional information, please contact us.

Apply For A Scholarship

Enrichment Scholarships

Scholarships and grants that provide enrichment opportunities for students and teachers of all grade levels. The funds are provided through the generosity of donors, families and friends of the community.

Graduating Senior Scholarships

Did you realize that the Marshall Community Foundation awards thousands of dollars to graduating seniors each year? These are dollars that can help one achieve their educational goals. Each scholarship has specific requirements, and not all the scholarships are offered annually.

Adult/Non-Traditional Scholarships

An Adult/Non-Traditional Scholarship is one that is offered to a student who is not a graduating senior, rather one returning to school later in life, or a student enrolled in their 2nd year or higher at college. Before applying for any of the scholarships listed, please read each description carefully for specific qualifications.