Board of Trustees

Trustees That Reflect the Diversity of Our Community

The Foundation is governed by a dedicated group of Trustees that reflect the diversity of our community. Trustees are chosen for their extensive knowledge of the community’s educational, cultural, civic and charitable needs. Trustees serve on a volunteer basis meeting six times a year to discuss community issues, set policy, oversee investments, and make final decisions on grants.

The Foundation is proud of the Trustees, they exhibit a strong sense of stewardship and a love for community.

OFFICERS (2021-2022)

Mrs. Wendee Woods, President
Dr. Randy Davis, Vice President
Mrs. Sandra Dobbins, Secretary
Mr. Frank Boley, Treasurer



Deanna Adler
Jennifer Caplis
Marguerite Davenport
Dr. Jay Larson
Heather Luciani
Jack Reed
Kate Stewart
Tom Tarkiewicz
Patty Williams
Isaac Culp, YAC Representative
Pastor Richard Gerten, Emeritus
Dr. Lynne Haley, Emeritus
Mark Stuart, Emeritus