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What is the Marshall Community Foundation?

The Marshall Community Foundation is a partnership of endowed funds established by individuals and organizations. A Board of Trustees, comprised of local community leaders, invest the pooled endowments. Income generated is then available for grants that address charitable needs in our community. Staff and trained volunteers monitor the grants to ensure fulfillment of the grant agreements.

The full circle of philanthropy is poetry in motion. The Foundation receives your gifts, grants to local non-profits, who in turn, give back by providing services to the community. Truly, the Foundation is all about improving the quality of life and making this a better place to live, work and raise a family.

We like to describe ourself as:

Community Endowment Builder

A charitable vehicle which accepts, invests, and distributes resources according to donors' intentions for the benefit of the community.

Community Grantmaker

A grantmaker for Marshall and Calhoun County nonprofits in the areas of arts, community development, education and scholarship assistance, and health and human services... truly a community of donors.

Community Convenor/Problem Solver

A convener of members, resources, and ideas of the community in order to confer and take effective action on demanding local issues.

President's Message

Serving as President of the Foundation Board is a high honor. Witnessing the dedication of the members of the Board and the staff and the commitment of the host of volunteers who have sustained the service of the Foundation to the community for 50 years is unsurpassed.

Jennifer Caplis, President

Quick Facts

The Marshall Community Foundation has a rich heritage within Marshall and our surrounding communities. The Foundation plays a vital role as a leader, convener and an advocate that benefits nearly every member of the community.

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For a detailed look at our Community Impact, please review our Impact Reports.

Below you can view our Grant History as well as learn more about the MCF and our Board.

Our records, such as, but not limited to, our 990 Federal Report, with the exception of specific donor gift information, are public. An independent audit is completed annually and is available upon request. The Foundation will also make the Form 990-T (Exempt Organization Business Income Tax Return) available for public review for any years in which it files the form.