Memorials & Tributes

Fiscal year 2022-2023

In Honor

Tributes make great gifts in honor of an individual’s special achievement or service to the community. The following have been honored this past year through gifts made to Foundation Funds.

  • Nancy Cracraft
  • Rick and Sally Hammond
  • Mary Jo Ours
  • Michael and Loretta Schragg
  • Ervin Joseph Wright Sr.
  • George Zollner

In Memory

Memorial gifts allow family and friends to pay special tribute to loved ones. The following were remembered through thoughtful gifts to the Foundation this past year.

  • Daniel Astleford
  • Bev Bessler
  • Chet Binkowski
  • Richard Brown
  • Danford Byrens
  • Emily Byrens
  • Delores Carleton
  • William Church
  • Phillip Clissold
  • Freda and Edward Collins
  • Pat and John Davidson
  • Clare and Norva Ditto
  • Benjamin Dorr
  • Patrice and Anthony Elms
  • Elizabeth Fleming
  • Kathleen and Michael Frie
  • Dan George
  • Lloyd and Janet Glenn
  • Dr. Lynne Haley
  • Maxine Hammond
  • Richard W. Hookway
  • Kenneth Machata
  • James E. Martin
  • Charlene Masters
  • Gloria Murphy
  • Eleanor Olmstead
  • Duane “Moe” Paradine
  • Martha Proteau
  • Michael Rapelje
  • Carleton Sprinkle
  • Ellen VanCarpels