Additional Deadline Announced for Marshall Community Foundation Enrichment Scholarships

MARSHALL, Mich.—In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Marshall Community Foundation is offering an additional, one-time Enrichment Scholarship deadline of June 15 for students and educators.

The Phillip R. Clissold Vocal Music Scholarship provides awards to Marshall Public School choir students (grades 7-11) wishing to attend a summer vocal music camp or seminar.

The Jacob Dannenberg Education Enrichment Scholarship provides support to Elementary School Educators for such things as: necessary classroom/additional materials; student participation in special field trips to exceptional exhibits or involvement in other educational experiences; or guest faculty/speakers.

The Tom and Lucy Franke Education Enrichment Scholarship provides support for Marshall Public School students participating in enrichment programs, such as, but not limited to, weekend seminars, music or fine arts camps, educational forums or regional, national or international travel for educational purposes. It also supports Marshall Public Schools educators for such things as: creation of special units in science, math, the arts, necessary classroom/additional materials, student participation in special field trips to exceptional exhibits or involvement in other educationally sound experiences, guest faculty/speakers.

The Marshall Music Fund is for Marshall Public Schools educators seeking to enhance music programs for fifth through twelfth grade. All music fields, including instrumental and vocal, are eligible to apply. Funding supports programming up to one year.

The Success Fund for Marshall Public Schools Scholarship was established for Marshall Public Schools students seeking assistance with non-school related programs and experiences, such as but not limited to arts and STEM camps and educational travel opportunities.  It also supports Marshall Public Schools educators seeking assistance with new and innovative programs that directly impact the student experience. Awards will be renewable for educators up to three times per Scholarship requirements, or as determined by the Scholarship Committee.

The James and Linda Tarmnel Enrichment Scholarship provides assistance to Mar Lee and Marshall Public Schools students grades K-12 who exhibit financial need, to participate in academic, extra-curricular and co-curricular experiences within the schools. This scholarship is available only by nomination from the student’s teacher and/or other school personnel. Submissions are accepted all year.

The additional, one-time application deadline for these enrichment scholarships is June 15. For a more detailed criteria or to begin the application process, visit   

For more information please contact the Marshall Community Foundation at (269) 781-2273 or e-mail at [email protected].


The Marshall Community Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving quality of life in Marshall, and throughout Calhoun County. The Foundation holds permanently endowed funds from a range of donors, and serves as a conduit for special projects and the distribution of grants in support of innovative programs. For more information about the Foundation, visit