Marshall Community Foundation Grants More Than $93,000 to Area Projects

The Marshall Community Foundation’s Board of Trustees and Youth Advisory Council are pleased to announce the awarding of eleven grants totaling more than $93,000 from the Fund for Marshall and the Marshall Youth Fund.  The eleven grants were awarded in the Foundation’s first and second quarters.    

American Museum of Magic – HVAC System Installation

  • Amount Awarded: $6,100
  • Purpose:  To install an HVAC system at the Lund Memorial Building (former library building)
  • Community Impact:  The American Museum of Magic is the only public magic museum in North America and it maintains the largest public magic collection.  In order to preserve the contents of the collection it is important to have a climate controlled environment.  This public collection will continue to educate generations of magicians and will help keep the art of magic alive.

Eastend Studio and Gallery – Expansion of Arts Education and New Works Program

  • Amount Awarded: $20,000
  • Purpose:  To expand art opportunities to a variety of local audiences
  • Community Impact:  Eastend will launch partnerships with Heritage Commons and Oaklawn Hospice Care to provide art-based educational opportunities to a broad section of our community.  The Gallery will also increase the number of new artists selling work in the gift shop.  Commissioned work will also be created with a specific Michigan/Marshall focus. 

 Franke Center for the Arts – Art Education and Performance Programs

  • Amount Awarded: $15,700
  • Purpose:  To expand the youth theater productions, the education outreach program, and continued expansion of the expert artist workshops program.
  • Community Impact:  The expansion of these programs will offer increased opportunities for immersive theatrical experiences within the community.  The Franke Center will partner with local schools to offer diverse options for creative expression – theater, dance, storytelling, and writing.  Adult and youth audiences will benefit from the programs implemented by the Franke Center.

Haven of Rest Ministries – Thermostats for Emily Andrus House

  • Amount Awarded: $7,419
  • Purpose:  To replace the current thermostats at the Emily Andrus House, which provides housing and addiction recovery services for approximately 20 women.
  • Community Impact:  The new thermostats will provide efficient climate control for the residents seeking addiction recovery services at The Haven. 

INNOVATE Albion – STEM Saturdays

  • Amount Awarded: $5,000
  • Purpose:  To offer open house-style, hands on opportunities for area youth and families to explore STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) related activities
  • Community Impact:  STEM Saturdays are designed to serve K-12 students and their families. The events will incorporate various activities that allow students to get hands-on with technology, math, manufacturing, and robotics. The Saturday experiences are free of charge and will operate as an open house allowing students and families to experience unique activity stations

Junior Achievement of Southwest Michigan – Financial Literacy for Marshall Public Schools

  • Amount Awarded: $1,600
  • Purpose:  To prove financial literacy opportunities for Marshall Public Schools students
  • Community Impact:  Junior Achievement (JA) programs help students establish personal strategies, developing lifelong learning and occupational opportunities. The JA experience also helps students better understand the importance of school as a means to becoming successful adults and professionals. The programs increase knowledge and influence attitudes in a way that increases students’ self-efficacy, enabling young people to identify educational goals and career aspirations.

Kids ‘N’ Stuff Museum – 20th Year Programming Support

  • Amount Awarded: $5,000
  • Purpose:  To assist with innovative and interactive programming at the children’s museum
  • Community Impact:  The museum has planned a well-rounded program schedule to increase engagement

bolster their current offerings.  The diverse, hands on experiences will appeal to children of all ages and offer

unique opportunities for exploration.

Marshall Area Farmers Market – Improving Customer Engagement

  • Amount Awarded:  $3,880
  • Purpose:  To update facilities, increase marketing, and improve data collection at the Farmers Market
  • Community Impact:  Improvements at the Farmers Market will allow for diverse offerings to better serve

the community.  The speaker series, vendors, and activities will enhance the overall growth and success of    

the market. 

Michigan Crossroads Council: Boy Scouts of America – Growing Scouts in Marshall Public Schools

  • Amount Awarded:  $5,000
  • Purpose:  To establish a special assistance fund to provide financial aid for all youth served in Marshall
  • Community Impact:  In order to ensure all youth can join the Scouting program and participate in the          summer camp, a special assistance fund will be utilized support families in the area. With assistance from        Scouting professionals and volunteers, Scouts are able to apply for a scholarship to help fund up to half the      cost of camp experience and/or assistance with registration.

Rotary Band of Marshall – Band Shell Restoration

  • Amount Awarded:  $4,630
  • Purpose:  To restore the thirty-three year old band shell panels
  • Community Impact:  Students and Marshall Rotary Band members use the portable band shell for concerts

and community performances.  Audience members enjoy the increased sound quality as a result of the

band shell.  The restoration will lengthen the life of the shell without purchasing a new structure. 

Wilder Creek Conservation Club – Senior Handicapped Outdoor Restroom

  • Amount Awarded:  $19,000
  • Purpose:  To build a fully accessible restroom near the outdoor pavilion
  • Community Impact:  Wilder Creek continues to enhance senior and handicapped accessibility to its scenic property. The organization focuses on offering renewing outdoor experiences and conservation knowledge to its guests.  This facility will increase the number of community members who can benefit from this property.

The next deadline for submitting grant requests is April 1, 2023.  Please contact the Marshall Community Foundation for information regarding the grant application process – call 269-781-2273 or email [email protected]

The Marshall Community Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving quality of life in Marshall, and throughout Calhoun County. The Foundation holds permanently endowed funds from a range of donors, and serves as a conduit for special projects and the distribution of grants in support of innovative programs. For more information about the Foundation, visit