Youth Advisory Council Welcomes New Officers and Members

The Youth Advisory Council (YAC) is a permanent committee of the Marshall Community Foundation.  Comprised of Marshall-area high school students, YAC members evaluate grant applications concerning youth, and make recommendations to the Foundation’s Board of Trustees for funding consideration. In addition, YACkers also participate in numerous community service projects.  YAC members are high school-aged students who live in Marshall, are active members of the community, and are invested in Marshall’s future.

Madeline Kue (President), Amelia Kotas (Vice President), Andrew Root (Treasurer), Abby Griffith (Secretary), Malena Johnson (Secretary), Addie Waito (Secretary), and Mia Kopulos (Social Media Manager) were elected to lead YAC through the 2023-2024 school year.

Kue, a senior at Marshall High School (MHS), has been a member of YAC for two years. Maddie is especially involved at school.  She is the president of Student Council, the vice-president of the MHS National Honors Society, and is a member of the MHS symphony orchestra.  She enjoys dancing, playing violin, painting and listening to music.  Maddie plans to pursue a degree in Pre-Med after graduating high school.  She enjoys YAC and appreciates being able to make an impact in the Marshall area.

Marshall High School senior, Kotas is a captain of the MHS cheer team and is also a dancer at local dance studio.  Amelia has been an active member of YAC for one year and enjoys having the opportunity to make important decisions with her peers.  She also works two jobs and is a member of Albion YAC.  Her post high school plans include pursuing a career in education.

Root is a sophomore at Marshall High School.  Andrew’s hobbies include playing soccer and being involved with music and theater in the community.  He appreciates being involved in YAC because it gives him the opportunity to make an impact in the community.  After high school, Andrew plans to attend college to study engineering or music education.

“YAC allows me the opportunity to play an active role in my community.  I enjoy being part of group that values positively impacting area youth”, notes 12th grade Griffith.  Abby attends Marshall High School where she is a member of the women’s varsity basketball team.  She also serves as the treasurer of the MHS National Honors Society.  Upon graduating from high school, Abby hopes to attend a four-year university to attain a degree in the medical field.

Waito is a senior at Marshall High School.  When she’s not playing volleyball, basketball or soccer she enjoys being with her family and friends.   Addie also serves as the Engagement Chair of the MHS Student Council and is a member of the National Honors Society.  She hopes to attend the University of Mississippi to study business administration.  “Being a member of YAC allows me to have an intentional impact on my community.”  

Johnson, a senior at Marshall High School, is involved in varsity and club soccer, as Student Council and National Honors Society.  She enjoys being active, cooking, and volunteering in the community.  Malena has been a member of YAC for three and in that time has found YAC service projects to be “especially rewarding and influential.”   After high school she’d like to attend college, study abroad, and possibly explore a career in the education field. 

Serving in YAC’s newest executive role is Marshall High School senior, Kopulos.  Mia has been a YAC member for four years and appreciates being able to have a direct impact on the community.  When she’s not busy with Calhoun County 4-H, she enjoys learning to play the guitar, painting, and going to the gym.  After high school, Mia plans to attend Northern Michigan University to study cosmetology.  

In addition to the above officers, YAC includes the following members:

Seniors – Carter Casarez, Koby Brown, Branden Contat,  Stefanie Delong, Hannah Eggleton, Jack Minor, Micah Morehouse

Juniors – Sade Blackwell, Addyson Groeneveld, Andrew Larson, Elizabeth London, Margaret Rodgers, Bella Rupp

Sophomores – Audrey Amting, Rory Fox, Jackson Graeber, Alden Hartung, Grace Johnson, Jonah Kue, Aubrey Tarkiewicz, and Anderson Welker

For more information about the Youth Advisory Council, or to make a donation to the Marshall Area Youth Fund, individuals may contact the Marshall Community Foundation at (269) 781-2273, or [email protected], or visit its website at