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Youth Advisory Council

Applications are due June 12, 2024. Late applications will not be considered.

The Youth Advisory Council (YAC) is a permanent, standing committee of the Marshall Community Foundation comprised of Marshall-area high school aged students. YAC members evaluate grant applications concerning youth, and then decide if the grant should be recommended to the Foundation’s Board of Trustees for funding consideration. In addition to funding youth-related grants, YACkers also participate in various community service projects (volunteering at local food pantries, shopping for youth in need, making crafts with children at local shelters, etc.). YAC members are students who live in the Marshall area, are active members of the community, and are invested in Marshall’s future.


Due to the professional nature of the Marshall Community Foundation Youth Advisory Council, attendance is essential to the success of the council. Meetings are typically held on the fourth Sunday of each month.  It is important that members are present at YAC meetings and service projects. General monthly meetings are approximately 1 hour and quarterly grant review meetings will last at least 1.5 hours. Quarterly service projects are typically a 2 hour commitment. Please consider these time commitments when applying to the council. Be sure to review the attendance policy before applying.

Review Process

Please note, the selection process for new YAC members is completely anonymous. Names are removed from applications prior to being evaluated. After YAC has made this year’s membership selections, you will be notified by mail.


If you have any further questions, please contact Marshall Community Foundation YAC Advisor, Jen London at 269-781-2273 or email [email protected].

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