Youth Advisory Council

DateJune 14, 2023
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1. How did you hear about YAC and why are you interested in joining? What specific qualities would you bring to the council?

I heard about YAC last year when we started talking about it in one of my classes, then applied to Marshall’s YAC, and after not getting in but I didn't want to give up you guys are so amazing and do great fun things and I want to help better the community and support the youth, I went to Albion’s and it's an amazing YAC program and I've really gained so much experience, and learned and grew so much, and it is really about helping your community and the youth and I love giving back and being able to help and support when it's needed. So qualities I can bring to the council are, Great leadership skills, being able to be a leader and help others, being able to work well as a team, and being great with marketing, communication, and social media I love being able to work closely with those types of things, I love getting to meet new people and having outstanding social skills, and good time management and being able to have a professional attitude.

2. What does community service mean to you and how have you been impacted by community service?

Community services mean to me is, helping people, helping better where you live, making connections helping make your community look better, going out, and helping where needed, an unfunded job that you get to help do things, and it looks great on, resumes and job applications and it helps build character and builds your personality and doing things you love, and even meeting new people making good connections and learning and growing as a person and just putting your time into your community to help where needed, it's so important to do community service here and there.

3. YAC has identified the following youth issues as concerns in our community: (a) Academic pressure, (b) Mental health, (c) Vaping/e-cigarettes. Choose one of the issues. Discuss steps you would recommend taking to address the concern. *Write a minimum of 200 words

A prominent youth issue is, mental health it's a struggle for so many youths everywhere, I recommend addressing this concern by, posting about it on social media, spreading awareness, and showing that it's okay not to be okay and that there are things and place to get and go to for help and that's it essential to take care of yourself. When we approach mental health we want to give information, provide help and understand that it's okay not to be okay and that everyone goes through different things. Mental health is an important part of children's overall health and well-being. Mental health includes children's mental, emotional, and behavioral well-being. It affects how children think, feel, and act. It also plays a role in how children handle stress, relate to others, and make healthy choices. We want to show awareness and fully support helplines and places to go and be open to talking about what it is and how to get help how to show that we care when people are struggling, a lot of youth have mental health issues, and a lot of time people don't know what to do when feeling these ways when addressing the concern we need to be accepting of it because so many people have these concerns, we need to spread awareness and share information and help.

4. If accepted to YAC, how will you prioritize your commitment to the organization? What extra-curricular events/activities might interfere with your YAC participation?

I will prioritize my commitment to this organization by, making sure I have nothing going on when we have meetings or events, I will always be there and make sure nothing interferes and try my best to not have anything else going on those days because I love this program and I want to be fully involved with it and give my time. Other events and stuff I have going on would be, College, College welding, Albion YAC, Youth in Government, and FFA.

5. Have you applied for YAC membership in the past? If so, when?

Yes, last year