Youth Advisory Council

DateJune 12, 2023
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1. How did you hear about YAC and why are you interested in joining? What specific qualities would you bring to the council?

I have heard about YAC throughout the school and through friends of mine who are in YAC. I am interested in joining, because helping my community is one of my biggest goals in life. I am a very passionate, positive, and productive person. When I set my mind towards something it will be done with love and care. Besides those important qualities I am also funny, and enjoy bringing joy to my peers.

2. What does community service mean to you and how have you been impacted by community service?

Community service means a lot to me. It is something I have taken great pride. I am in Marshall’s National Honors Society, and through that I have participated in 35+ hours of community service including the krazy for kazoo river cleanup, volunteering at the Marshall recreational center, helping around the school, etc. Besides NHS I also have started a monthly book drive at the farmers market, where we collect books and bring them to the women’s shelter. I personally have been impacted by community service by living in a beautiful town that is greatly impacted by the help of those in our community.

3. YAC has identified the following youth issues as concerns in our community: (a) Academic pressure, (b) Mental health, (c) Vaping/e-cigarettes. Choose one of the issues. Discuss steps you would recommend taking to address the concern. *Write a minimum of 200 words

Mental health has proven to be a big struggle among teenagers across America. The majority of adolescents who struggle daily with mental health is more than half of all teens. That means this problem nothing, but prevalent in the Marshall community. To address the problem of mental health in the Marshall community I would work to introduce mental health days at Marshall High School. During these days students would be able to be at school and have fun doing activities that bring the students together, but they still are able to feel safe and included. These activities would include games, movies, and other activities that the students could choose from or vote on prior to the day. From personal experience, missing school days for mental health makes some students' mental health much worse due to the stress of having to catch up on the missing school work. On the other hand there are students who need to miss a couple days of school so they are able to focus on themselves. Creating mental health days would create a middle ground for all students to be able to be at school without missing anything, but not have to do any standard school work.

4. If accepted to YAC, how will you prioritize your commitment to the organization? What extra-curricular events/activities might interfere with your YAC participation?

If I am accepted to YAC I would prioritize my commitment by being as involved in the events as a can, going to every meeting, and putting maximum effort into my activities and ideas I’m involved in. My only extra-curricular activities that would interfere with YAC are dance (which is on Wednesday) and work.

5. Have you applied for YAC membership in the past? If so, when?

Yes, I have applied for YAC in the past. I applied last year.