Youth Advisory Council

DateJune 10, 2023
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1. How did you hear about YAC and why are you interested in joining? What specific qualities would you bring to the council?

I heard about YAC from a friend of mine that is a graduating member, I want to be more involved in my community and the decisions impacting its youth. I would offer academic excellence, a strong work ethic/discipline of getting work done, as well as meeting deadlines and actively participating in independent and group tasks.

2. What does community service mean to you and how have you been impacted by community service?

Community service is a way to directly help others and make a difference. I feel that using my skills and talents to help others is the strongest way to make a positive impact.

3. YAC has identified the following youth issues as concerns in our community: (a) Academic pressure, (b) Mental health, (c) Vaping/e-cigarettes. Choose one of the issues. Discuss steps you would recommend taking to address the concern. *Write a minimum of 200 words

There is a strong correlation between academic pressure furthering mental health in teens. First, I think it is essential that mental health issues should be talked about more in school to decrease the overwhelming stigma around it. Students need to know that if they are struggling with mental health, they shouldn't feel alienated from others and that there is help that can reach out. I feel that an anonymous hotline should be easily accessed in schools and counselors should be more welcome to kids that could be struggling but are too afraid to reach out. Being as school is a very large cause of mental health in teens, I think classes should be more engaging/hands-on to ensure that students actually enjoy their classes and have fun rather than dread walking into school. Teachers should also encourage students that could be struggling to participate in some extracurriculars or clubs to inspire them to create new bonds and relationships so they don't feel as alone. A large step that could be taken is an entire class in school about suicide awareness and mental health issues in teens. This way, a larger majority of people could be affected and more easily recognize certain traits of a mentally ill individual.

4. If accepted to YAC, how will you prioritize your commitment to the organization? What extra-curricular events/activities might interfere with your YAC participation?

I take all of my commitments very seriously, If accepted into YAC I will do everything I can to maintain attendance and put YAC first. I am a member of the swim team, but I doubt that it would interfere heavily with YAC.

5. Have you applied for YAC membership in the past? If so, when?

No, this is my first time applying.