Youth Advisory Council

DateJune 2, 2023
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1. How did you hear about YAC and why are you interested in joining? What specific qualities would you bring to the council?

From friends at school, I love being involved in the community, I go to Hughes different days after school and help in the office and enjoy clubs such as links. I would bring qualities like leadership to the council.

2. What does community service mean to you and how have you been impacted by community service?

Helping with special education students in links, and just giving back to the community. As well, my youth group for church has done mission trips focused around on giving back to Marshall.

3. YAC has identified the following youth issues as concerns in our community: (a) Academic pressure, (b) Mental health, (c) Vaping/e-cigarettes. Choose one of the issues. Discuss steps you would recommend taking to address the concern. *Write a minimum of 200 words

Mental health, it is so important for teens mental health to be taken seriously and in a lot of cases it really isn't. Teens need to be able to know that they are taken seriously and their problems are real. Starting with having posters, that actually grab readers attention, to inform them and ways they can get help for themselves or peers. We can then establish safe places in the school and community to go to receive help if needed, places that feel safe. If a teen is struggling with mental health it's hard enough to come forward to get help, they shouldn't feel pressured to open up immediately, when and where they open up should feel like a safe place. As someone Who has family and friends that have been effected by mental health issues, I understand the difficulty of coming forward to get help. It can be hard talking to people you know love you about your struggles, it could feel burdening to express what's wrong, even when seeking help. No one should be scared about having to ask for help. I understand the feeling of not being able to tell people what’s wrong and it can be hard feeling that you have to go through it alone. The posters need to express that it’s ok and they can get help.

4. If accepted to YAC, how will you prioritize your commitment to the organization? What extra-curricular events/activities might interfere with your YAC participation?

By showing up to all the meetings and perusing my ideas, I would be committed to the club. The things that may interfere with my participation would be work, and fall and spring sports.

5. Have you applied for YAC membership in the past? If so, when?

No, this would be my first time applying for YAC